I have many facets when it comes to artwork. I love to create 3D models both hard surface and organic. Second to modeling, I also enjoy texturing. You can’t have one without the other. I have experience in rigging characters and since 2010 have been heavily invested in architectural visualizations.
I am passionate about 3D modeling and environments for video games and film.  I hope to travel and explore new locations and incorporate the culture and beauty of the world into my artwork. Environments are my specialty and I enjoy every aspect of their creation, from visual design to flow and game play I believe the environment can make or break a game.
When placed in a group environment I tend to take a leadership role when possible, and be very self motivated. This comes from my experience as the Art Lead at Primate Games LLC. I strive to bring a group of artists together to create an immersive environment with innovative designs. I am always ready for a new challenge, especially one that lets me flex my MacGyver skills.
I have held a variety of jobs within the industry from Environment Artist to Game Designer to a Freelance Web-developer, working closely with all departments involved with a project. Because of this experience, I communicate and work well across many disciplines.

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